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The price of a Thanksgiving shopping list


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so it's about that time to hit the stores. You might notice some of the prices on the shelves have gone up this year. Comparison shopping is on our agenda. Several items you might want for your kitchen table have gotten a little pricier, gallons of milk, sweet potatoes, rolls, and pie crust to name a few. The real story here is the price jump in turkey.

In the year 2010, a 16 pound turkey cost $17.66, and in 2011, a 16 pound turkey cost $21.57. As you can see the prices went up both years and that hasn't changed today. Right now a 16 pound turkey cost around $39.59 for an all natural turkey, and more than $30 for a 16 pound turkey that is not all natural. That's a near $10 spike in prices.

About a month ago KSLA News 12 looked into the rising corn prices and found that it impacts the costs of a huge range of items, including turkey. Sky-high corn prices this year have nearly doubled the cost of producing a pound of turkey meat. That is because corn is a main ingredient in turkey feed.

So the prices are up, but there are some ways to shop smarter. Buying in bulk, or buying the generic brand instead of the name brand, you can also minimize the number of impulse purchases by making a list and sticking to it. Keep your eyes open, because often products at eye level cost more than ones you have to reach down for. Of course, you can always cut costs by clipping coupons or looking for in-store specials so the numbers at the register stay as low as possible.

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