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Crash investigators reveal the stories behind traffic accidents

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On November 6, two Shreveport teenagers were hit by a Shreveport Police cruiser.

Crash investigators are still trying to determine what happened. Today, investigators tried to re-create the scene.

Jermone Houston, 16, lies critically wounded in LSU Medical Center. He has been in the hospital since last Tuesday, when Shreveport Police Lt. Joseph Bartlett's patrol car reportedly struck both Houston and Kenyon Williams, 15, knocking them off the bicycle and injuring them.

SPD Crash Investigator Duane Farquhar says, "The roadway tells the entire tale."

Farquhar says that investigators use physical evidence, laser technology and math to recreate accident scenes to determine what happened.

"To find what happened, if it's a head-on collision, who's culpable, who is in the wrong lane, who is at fault in the wreck."

There is no dash cam video from last week's accident.

Jermone's family attorney tells KSLA News 12 that he has spoken with several witnesses who say Bartlett was in the wrong that night.

"All of them agree that the policeman left North Market Street, veered into the shoulder and hit her son, Jermone Houston, and his friend Kenyon on their bicycle," says Carl Rice, family lawyer.

Authorities say this crash is still under investigation.

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