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Netflix for nails: Company rents nail polish by mail

(Source: Bumerang22/Wikimedia Commons) (Source: Bumerang22/Wikimedia Commons)

(RNN) - Ladies, get ready for some more drawer space - you won't need to store all those dried up nail polish bottles in almost every perfect color imaginable anymore.

Instead of splurging for 20 bottles of $30 nail polish you may never finish, a new company called Lacquerous offers another solution - rent-by-mail designer nail polish.

Like Netflix for nails, a monthly subscription fee of $18 gets users access to three designer polishes every 30 days. Users are given three applications per bottle and Lacquerous monitors the amount of polish in the bottle.

We're not talking dollar store brands - Dior, Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana and MAC are just a few of the brands any Cosmo girl would know.

Much like the labels themselves, the service right now is a bit exclusive. Would-be fashionistas must sign up for an invite on the Lacquerous webpage.

In addition to three shades a month, the company provides their well-manicured users with a return shipping label. Once Lacquerous receives a return package, a new set of polish will be sent to your door.

For anyone 'ewwing' over the thought of sharing nail polish - it's no different than sharing a bottle at the nail salon. Lacquerous says bacteria and fungus can't live in polish and that they inspect every bottle upon arrival.

But the company admits on their blog: "If you are a germaphobe, then sadly this probably isn't for you."

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