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Gun sales soar in wake of Obama's re-election


Experts say gun sales are on the rise, in the wake of President Barack Obama's re-election.

According to the FBI, the number of background checks for firearms shot up 18.4 percent in October. The number of applications for gun ownership is considered a leading indicator for future gun sales.

Hyatt Gun and Coin, a local shop in west Charlotte has seen an uptick in traffic.

It's owner, Larry Hyatt said the spike started the day after the election.

"Wednesday is usually our slowest day," he said. "It just had to have something to do with the election."

Saturday has been their busiest day since last Christmas according to Hyatt. He said they "sold a gun every seven minutes."

We caught up with Paula Oldham inside Hyatt's store Wednesday night. She was there to buy her fifth gun.

"I wanted one lighter weight because I'm gonna take the concealed carry class," she said.

Although Oldham's motivation to buy a gun, had nothing to do with Obama being re-elected, she told WBTV she's heard plenty of people say that's the reason bringing them to gun shops.

"I've heard a lot of people say that's the reason," she said.  

The President's stance on gun control has folks flocking to gun shops across the country.

He told CNN's Candy Crowley, who moderated the October 16 presidential debate, that would consider reintroducing an expired on civilian purchases on assault weapons.

Hyatt also WBTV he isn't surprised and said people are worried about their rights.

"They're worried about not the criminals being denied rights, they're worried about themselves being denied the right to own a gun," he said. "Am I gonna be able to buy a gun to protect my family.  What are the laws going to be in the future?"

For Oldham, it's about making sure she's prepared -- just in case.

"You see all the crime on the news and you're like I do not want to be a victim," she said.

Hyatt also said the federal system for background checks was running slower than usual this weekend, a clear indication that folks were buying guns all over the country and not just at his gun shop.

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