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Natchitoches home designed to fight fires


Robert Baker knows a lot about fire.  He's fought fires for a living.  He's spent 16 years in the State Fire Marshall's office investigating fires and inspecting buildings to make certain they are safe.  And, he's been the victim of fire.

On July 4th this year, a fire started in the carport of his neighbor's home.  When Robert and his wife, Donna decided to rebuild, they wanted their home to be as safe as possible.

"This could be my home me and my wife could live in for the rest of our lives. And I wanted to make sure we did have a safe home from fire and other dangers," said Baker.

Safety starts on the outside.  All around the house, what looks like wood siding is actually a concrete siding known as Hardy Board.  The second line of defense is hidden in the ceiling. White discs mounted overhead are actually sprinklers.  At first, Mrs. Baker didn't want sprinklers in her home.  "All the sprinkler systems I'm familiar with are the ones you see in buildings and you've got those silver things hanging down from your ceiling. Who wants that?" she said.  "But, then when I actually saw what it's going to be, you don't know it's there if you don't know that's what it is."

The Baker home is also storm safe. They have a weather radio and a plan.  Coming off the master bathroom is a walk in closet.  It's actually a tornado safe room.  The walls and ceiling are eight inches thick and bolted to the concrete slab.

Add in easy exits from both bedrooms and a state of the art security system and you have a home that really is safe and sound.

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