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Does it Work Toy Testers #2: Board Games


It is like a holiday for the fourth grade Toy Testers in Miss Sally Camden's class at Perryville Elementary, but the fun soon turns into confusion.  Some of the four board games were a little hard to figure out at first.

"It takes a long time to set up."

First... we get groovin' with Twister Dance.
Kids can plug in their own devices this round, and there's no mat. Instead, you move and groove according to the flashing colored lights.  The class didn't exactly give it a green light, after several weeks of testing.

"It was confusing at first. It took trial and error."
We found our girls liked it slightly better than the boys. In all, the $25 Twister Dance grooves to a 'B'.

The kids really got into Electronic Scrabble Catch Phrase, even though the makers combined two classic games here, it actually seemed to play a lot more like the game. Taboo. However, fourth grade is about the minimum age we think could play this.

"They got the  hang of it with an adult helper. I'd recommend parents play that game with kids," said teacher Sally Camden.

Miss Camden said it's great for building vocabulary. The $20 Electronic Scrabble game spells out a B+.

Meantime, no one's striking it rich with Monopoly Millionaire. It's supposedly the new way to play the game, but our testers prefer the old way better.

"The least favorite started out as Monopoly Millionaire because of so many pieces and it's hard to learn at the beginning, but as they grew more familiar, they slowly warmed up to it."

The class gives the $15 board game a 'C', also based on how many pieces there are to keep track of.

"The most favorite toy was Bop-it Smash. It was just so easy to start playing right away. They got immediate feedback. They didn't have to wait a long time."

"It's easy, plus, I won!" said one student.
"It's fast!"

Finally, we found a new spin on a classic game....that works! We like the price: $20.  The kids timed it right and smashed the lights. Bop it Smash is a smash, earning our top spot and an A+ on this Does it Work toy test.

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