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Saggy Pants ban extends to Caddo Parish


Caddo Parish has now joined the ranks of other communities where 'saggy pants' is against the law. By a vote of 10-to-1 Thursday (11/08/12) night, commissioners banned those saggy pants throughout the parish.

The Caddo Commissioner who pushed for the measure says he hopes it's just the first step in improving the values of young people in the area. "Because they don't do things by choice, we must do it by force," explained Commissioner Michael Williams.

In fact, Williams says he's dedicated the new saggy pants ordinance to senior citizens, especially grandmothers in Caddo Parish. "I even have a sign saying, 'big mo(m)ma say pull 'em up, respect me.' Too often our young men are not respecting their self, they're not respecting our grandmothers, they're not respecting their mothers."

The saggy pants ban affects unincorporated areas and rural areas because Shreveport has its own ordinance, passed in 2007. "It don't really look too good. Some of them drawers be dirty, some of them, you know what I'm saying, be sagging too hard," says Carlton Patterson.

We caught up with Patterson during his work shift at Superior Hand Wash & Detail on Hearne Avenue in Shreveport. Patterson says it actually wasn't the Shreveport ordinance that really prompted him to stop wearing his trousers too low, but instead his boss.

Patterson explained, "My boss man used to get on us, tell me, 'Pull them pants up!' So, ever since then I've been wearing the same pants I wear every day, wash them and everything."

Commissioner Williams says the saggy pants ban is actually just part of a larger strategy on his part. "That's why I'm working hard to bring The Gentlemen's Etiquette Academy here to give an alternative, teach our young men the values and the etiquette that they need to cope in America, even the etiquette of how to deal with the police." Williams says he hopes to start-up that gentlemen's etiquette academy by early next year.

Saggy pants violators face a 100-dollar fine for the first offense, with steeper fines and punishments for future offenses.


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