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Candidate Profile: John Michael Guidry

John Michael Guidry John Michael Guidry

John Michael Guidry is a Judge at the First Circuit Court of Appeal. He has been there more than 20 years and says in part that is why he should be elected to the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Guidry was the leader in the primary election on Tuesday getting 28 percent of the vote. He credits his service to the community as one reason he was the leader in an eight person race.

"I've shared with the community that God can be the glory for things that he has done," says Guidry who is deeply religious. He says he will stay the course during the run-off. "I'm asking individuals to stay with me to complete the task," says Guidry. "I'm just asking everybody to continue to pray, continue to work, continue to talk to their friends, neighbors and we are going to be victorious on December 8th."

Guidry, a Democrat, says in this race he does not believe party affiliation will be an issue that will sway voters in either direction. "I believe party affiliation is really not going to matter because at the end of the day people are looking for a judge that is going to be fair," says Guidry.

He also believes the race will, as in the primary, be a clean one. "It's not going to go negative on my part," says Guidry. "God has blessed me too much to go negative."

Guidry says he is in favor of cameras in district court rooms.

The election is December 8th.

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