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Beating the train might soon prove costly in Texarkana


People running across and driving over some railroad crossings in Texarkana, Arkansas might be fined if they do so when a train is coming. 

There is a common sight for Union Pacific trains traveling through Texarkana: people and vehicles racing to beat trains at crossings.

Railroad officials say that during the past six years, there have been seven crossing collisions in Texarkana. Four of them have occurred between Tennessee Road and Ferguson Street.

"There is definitely a problem here. We have been monitoring drivers' behavior at the crossing, and they are just not paying attention. We are going to have to work a little bit harder on this," says John Schumacher, railroad police.

Tuesday morning, Union Pacific Railroad Police conducted an accident reduction safety program in the problem area.

KSLA News 12 rode a train and noticed that, at every crossing, there were motorists disregarding the warning signals.

"We are going to be writing citations. If you disregard the flashing lights and that train horn,  you are going to get a ticket," Schumacher says.

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