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Finally, campaign ad blitz ends


The lunchtime conversations around Vandy's BBQ the day after Election 2012 seemed to center on anything but politics. Many said they were glad the candidates, and their commercials, were gone for another season.

"Now I don't have to fast forward my DVR through all those commercials like I was doing," said Dana Butler.

Many people weren't sure which the disliked more, the endless bombardment of ads or the constant negative tone.

"With all the mudslinging between the politicians, I'd like to see more positive politicking and hear from people what they would do to make things better instead of what the other fella has done wrong," offered Joel Baker.

Despite all the negative comments about the negative ads, people concede the commercials must have some impact. Otherwise, politicians would not have spent an estimated $3.3 billion nationwide during this election cycle.

"I guess it's like when they play a new song on the radio," Melanie Nessmith described. "They play it and play it and you say you hate it. But, five minutes later, you're singing it."

Some people said the constant political noise can make voters deaf to the issues.

"Like I tell people, I'm not a Democrat. I'm not a Republican. I'm for the person who's done right." Annie Bellinger declared. "And lately, it's hard to find that person."

On a lighter note, some said the season of political ads make them appreciate the commercials bumped from the airwaves the past few weeks.

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