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Texarkana College wins tax initiative


Bowie County, Texas voters approved on Tuesday a tax measure to increase funding for Texarkana Community College.

In effect, the initiative expands the tax base for funding the college by annexing a larger area in Bowie County.

Since 1927, the college has received tax money from a 16-square-mile area in Texarkana, Texas. But Texarkana Community College President James Russell says the college's service area is 1,800 square miles, and now they need help from that area.

The new tax will cost the average home owner in Bowie County 7 to 8 dollars a month. That's about $100 a year for a house valued at $100,000.

"It helps us set up a sustainable revenue model Texarkana college will still be very lowly funded when you compare it to other colleges, but it sets us up for a positive future."

Russell says the money is needed to make up a loss in state funding.

"We are taking this annexation election to Bowie County, where approximately 70 percent of our students come from," Russell said before the vote.

Earlier this year, Texarkana native and billionaire Ross Perot donated $1 million to Texarkana Community College and promised to give the school another $4 million if voters approve the measure to expand the college tax district.

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