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ETX mother & daughter live in one house, told to vote in different counties


For the most part, East Texas voters reported having pretty good experiences at the polls, however, not everything went smoothly for one Smith County voter.

A Troup woman says she and her daughter went to vote, but just she was turned away.

Her daughter's voter registration card was issued from Smith County and her voter card was issued from Cherokee County.

The problem is, they both live together... in the same house in Troup where their voter cards were mailed to earlier this year.

Dorothy Harkless was perplexed when election officials told her she was supposed to vote in a county different than the one she lives in. Harkless says she has been voting in Smith County all of her life.

She even tried showing them her Smith County property tax receipt she happened to have on her, but that didn't get her anywhere. While they live a couple miles from the county line, Dorothy joked that her daughter must live on the Smith County side of the house.

However, Dorothy was pretty upset by the whole situation.

"When you get up there and show everybody all of the evidence and they still say, 'You can't vote here,' and I paid my taxes here," Dorothy says.

"It's not worth it because once I get down there, the first thing they're going to say... I'm pretty sure, they're going to look at that address and ask, 'What are you doing down here? You live in Smith County,'" Dorothy says.

Dorothy didn't end up voting Tuesday. She says she was really hurt to have lost her voice in such a historic election.

If something like this happened to someone you know, or you ran into other polling problems, we want to hear about them. You can contact us by sending an email to

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