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Pima Co. checking why some voters' names were not on rosters

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Pima County is trying to figure out why many voters' names were either left off voter rosters at the polls or were in the wrong place on the roster.

Though, late Tuesday, authorities did not know how many voters were affected, Elections Director Brad Nelson says the situation was of enough concern that the county had contacted several interested parties.

"It looks a little bit more than a normal situation, meaning that we are concerned," said Pima County Elections Director Nelson. "We've called the political parties to inform them, as well. I've also been in contact with the Arizona Secretary of State. So, we're touching all the bases to let everybody know the situation."

Nelson said the Pima County Attorney also had been contacted.

He said poll workers had been instructed to call the special phone number dedicated to poll issues to confirm the voter was in the correct polling place and eligible to vote.

Nelson said workers were then to make sure the voter was given the opportunity to vote though it might be by provisional ballot.

Early on election day, poll workers said they were having trouble getting through to the troubleshooting phone number that's connected to the Elections Department and the Recorder's office.

Pima County responded by opening a phone bank at about noon.

The phone bank was in the county's Emergency Operations Center, and was manned by county workers from several departments.

"This is the first time we've had this kind of a situation," said Pima County Strategic Planning Office Director Dr. John Moffatt. "Normally the Recorder's office and the Elections troubleshooting line have been able to handle the load. But in this case, with redistricting and the shrinking of the number of precincts (polling locations), and everything a lot of people don't know or are going to the wrong places."

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