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Political scientist discusses different election scenarios

Robert Eisinger Robert Eisinger

Experts predict the race between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney will be extremely close, and there are several different scenarios that could play out Tuesday night.

Political scientist Robert Eisinger, Dean of the Liberal Arts School at SCAD, says if President Obama wins New Hampshire, Virginia, and Ohio, he will most likely get four more years. Examiner.com released an electoral college map which shows how the race could play out.

On the other hand, Eisinger says if Mitt Romney wins the popular vote and electoral vote, the presidency will be his. He also says that no one has it in the bag just yet.

"There are two forms of close, one is Electoral College close, and the other is popular vote close. It's probable that the popular vote will be close based on the previous polls. With regards to the Electoral College it's a little more complicated."

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