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Scott, Rose face off in congressional race

Tim Scott, Bobbie Rose Tim Scott, Bobbie Rose

Two years ago Tim Scott became the first Republican African American elected to Congress in South Carolina. Now, he's fighting for another term in the district that now includes Beaufort County.

Scott will be seeking his second term in office and says this election is more important than ever.

"We understand that when you have $16 trillion in debt and unemployment that's consistently around 8 percent for 3 1/2 years, we're going to have to do something and make some changes," said Scott.

The former small business owner says there's a lot that needs to be done and he plans on continuing to fight for his constituents.

"We need to have a lot of attention focused on how to build a better economy," said Scott. "We need to cut through the red tape. I'd like to see us restore confidence in public office."

Scott says he's also fighting to solve the issue of sequestration, which could have a big impact on the military locally and nationally.

Opposing Scott is Democrat Bobbie Rose, who is running for her first seat in public office.

"Like everybody, I'm concerned about jobs but I'm concerned about bringing in and creating jobs that pay a living wage so that everybody doesn't have to have two or three of them to survive. I think that's important. I care about veterans," said Rose. "I want to fight for veteran's rights that they need and deserve when they come back home."

The former teacher and real estate agent will appear on the ballot twice, for the Democratic Party and for the Working Family's Party.

"I have a husband, a daughter and a son. I believe that gives me a perspective on issues that impact families, healthcare issues, education issues and economic issues that effect primarily families," said Scott. "I ran a small business for 13 years so I know what it feels like to make payroll and I know how difficult small businesses are to run.

But come election day, voters in Beaufort County, along with several other counties in the First District, will decide who they'll be sending to Washington.

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