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Absentee voters cast their ballots in Beaufort County

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On Monday afternoon, voters lined the outside of the Beaufort County Elections office to cast their absentee ballots. Many voters had to wait close to two hours.

Officials say 17,000 people voted absentee before Monday. While they don't expect this year's election to beat the numbers in the presidential election in 2008, they anticipate they'll have between 65 to 70 percent voter turnout. They say lines are likely on Tuesday and everyone should be prepared.

"Don't wait until you are in the booth to read the questions for the first time," said Beaufort County Elections Director Scott Marshall. "We have read ahead copes at every polling location and you can go on our website and access all the questions that will be on the ballot. We're asking voters to be a voter's voter and know what you're going to do before you go to the polling locations so we can keep the line moving."

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