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Heroes Flight: Reminder of victory and sacrifice

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WWII veterans at the FDR memorial during a recent trip to Washington DC WWII veterans at the FDR memorial during a recent trip to Washington DC

World War II veteran Ed Tooley of Shreveport has seen this the WWII memorial before, and he couldn't wait for his brother to see it for the first time.

"I just thought it would be good for him to see it," said Tooley.

The trip including the Tooleys and 23 other WWII veterans was paid for by Brookshires. This is the first trip the company has sponsored.

The brothers Tooley have another brother who couldn't make the trip. That's because he died some time ago.

Time marches on, and for many of these veterans this is the first and perhaps the last time they will be able to witness this site.

"I think it's beautiful.It's remarkable," said Fell Tooley.

Now only that, the memorial is filled with stark reminders of sacrifices on the battlefields of the Pacific and European fronts.

4,048 gold stars line the Freedom Wall; each of them representing 100 Americans who died in the war.

That price of freedom is something that Tooley brothers are afraid is lost among our youth today.

"I think they need to learn about the past so they don't do the same thing that has been done in the past," said Ed Tooley.

Of the estimated one and a half million WWII survivors, we lose 740 per day.

These veterans on this trip saw more than just the memorial built in their honor, that also toured the Vietnam and Korean Memorials, the new Air Force and the Marine Memorial. They also looked up at the monument of the young man who had a dream (MLK Memorial) and Arlington Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknowns where other young people also had their dreams cut short.

"As we visit these memorials and monuments to be with these men who actually lived that and defended the freedoms that we all still enjoy is very gratifying," said Sam Anderson with Brookshires.

Three days on a trip back in time, and when you look into their eyes, you get the feeling that their lives are now complete ...

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