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Balloon travels over 500 miles from Oklahoma to SWLA


The Hardesty family from Iowa had an unexpected visitor in their yard Tuesday afternoon.

Jessica Hardesty spotted it first. It was a red balloon floating just above the ground. Her son, 5-year-old Heath, was the first to pick it up.

"The tag on it said, ‘Drugs don't fly with me,' " Jessica said. "We were shocked when we learned where it came from."

The tag also had a hand-written message from a boy named, "Robert," an 8-year-old at Timberlake Elementary School in Jet, Oklahoma.

"That's hundreds of miles away," Jessica said.

Jessica called the school and told officials just how far the balloon had traveled.

Jessica said officials told her that they released the balloon as part of a drug prevention effort on Monday.

"It traveled all that way in one day," Jessica said. "They were shocked. They didn't know where Iowa was so they were going to map it out for their students."

Jessica said that Heath was excited about the find, especially because the balloon came from a child around his age.

"He was excited that it came from a little boy," she said.

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