Golden Apple Award winner: Peggy Hernandez

Golden Apple Award winner: Peggy Hernandez

Peggy Hernandez's likes to keep her 3rd grade students at Provencal Elementary School on their toes.

"We have children who go home and they sit in front of a TV, but if they can move that stimulates their brain activity. It stimulates their learning," said Hernandez.

Her students play lots of games, stand up to recite spelling words, and move around to work in groups. She knows if they experience something they learn better. That's why she wants to get books in their hands, but that's hard to do when you don't have the money to buy them.

"We really have to be careful where we spend our money and our funding. A lot comes out of our own pockets," said Hernandez.

Right now she only has a classroom set of 1 book. With her Golden Apple Award money she plans to buy a few more, including the book that sparked her own love of reading, Where the Red Fern Grows.

"It's a novel that creates a love of literature," said Hernandez.

She reads the book aloud to her kids every year, because she remembers her 3rd grade teacher reading it to her.

"Everyone wanted her to keep reading, and just continue, and that was the point that made me realize I really want to be a teacher, and be that kind of teacher. I want to make the children excited about reading," Hernandez.

She thinks if the kids have their own copy of the book to bring home it will help them to continue to read on their own outside of class. Hernandez is excited to buy new books to share an old favorite that she's sure her little ones will love just as much as she does.

Hernandez won the weekly Golden Apple Award for teaching excellence. The award comes with a $500 prize from the sponsor, The Kirby Kelly Law Firm.

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