Pat Simon's Reason for Running

Pat's father Lee, Sr. pictured with his brothers and sisters.
Pat's father Lee, Sr. pictured with his brothers and sisters.

Running a marathon is more than just a race to me. It's a passion that drives me to pound the pavement almost every day.

There's a reason why I have been working so hard, running in so many races and pushing myself to run faster and faster.

My dad was an avid runner too. In fact, he was a great athlete in his time; star athlete and letterman in high school. He took care of himself and was very athletic.

Ten years ago, my father was sitting on top of the world. He was retired, has a big family to love and is in excellent health. He ran every day until he was 66 years old.

Nothing could stop him I thought; well, almost nothing.

He ran for the last time the day before surgery to remove his prostate after learning he had prostate cancer. The surgery went well. But soon after, a staph infection eroded part of his spine. There were complications, and my father barely made it home alive.

When he got out of the hospital he was very frail. He was in a lot of pain And on a lot of pain medications. His running days were over.

So now, I run for the man who taught me to go for my passion. I am trying to qualify for a coveted spot in the Boston Marathon. I ran a few races so far. My last one was the "Bay State Marathon" in Massachusetts. I ran a 3:29:42. I missed qualifying for the Boston by only 5 minutes!  I am very close.

On December 9, I will try one more time by running the Dallas Marathon. You can keep up with me on my Facebook page Pat Simon KSLA. I will post my training and hopefully you can cheer me on. I need all of the inspiration I can get. Of course, my father gives me plenty of that.

Thanks dad.