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Oct. 29th: KSLA News 12 Elect Mitt Romney Editorial

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The president came to office with no experience in running a business, no experience in growing jobs in the private sector, no experience in military matters and no experience in solving problems in a by-partisan way. He has had 4 years and continuing on-the-job training.

The economy is still in trouble, millions of folks have been unemployed for several years and trouble is brewing abroad. Governor Romney, unlike the president, has a proven record of creating jobs by creating companies. He brought honesty and financial stability to the Olympic committee. As governor of Massachusetts he was able to work with a democrat controlled legislature to bring fiscal responsibility to that state.

Through his international business activities, he has gained insight into the business practices and cultures of countries around the globe. Governor Romney needs no on-the-job training. He can and will start on day one solving the country's problems in a by-partisan manner.

I'm Jim Allen, with the Republican Party of Caddo Parish.

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