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Parkway HS picks Romney in mock election


Parkway High School students elected Mitt Romney in a mock election Tuesday.

Complete with protests, conventions, campaign stops and celebrity endorsements, the exercise in the democratic process is a long tradition at the Bossier Parish high school.

The candidates made speeches, controversies erupted, and each candidate was even guarded by their own "Secret Service" detail.

The Electoral College was represented by all of Parkway's homeroom classes. Each class was represented by a U.S. state and cast their votes for the next President. Students were given the opportunity to support the views and attitudes of their assigned home states through dress, signs and costumes.

After hearing interviews, speeches and endorsements, each state cast their vote and participated in a Roll Call of the States, where each state's popular vote was tallied live. Their Electoral College votes were then assigned to the candidate with the most popular votes.

In the end, the tally came down to Romney with 418 and Obama with 120 electoral votes.

The purpose of the mock election was to give the students a realistic sense of how the electoral process works.

According to Bossier Schools Public Relations Liaison Sonja Bailes, Parkway's mock election has only been incorrect in their election of the president three times since they began doing this in 1972.

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