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BR Mayoral Candidate Profile: Steve Myers


It's not his first election but according to Steve Myers, no incumbent should run unopposed. Myers says he joined the race for mayor in Baton Rouge to talk about issues besides crime and traffic.  Now he wants voters to take a chance on an unknown.

From the comforts of his home office, Myers sits facing a digital camera to tape a new segment for his website.

"Hi I'm Steve Myers, candidate for Mayor of Baton Rouge," he begins.

This is how he is hoping to engage voters.  Recording his stance on 40 issues in 40 days and posting his position on issues like the proper role of government on his website, The Myers Message.

"Those little chips away at civil liberties by local government.  Every week there's something new.  I want to bring that to peoples attention."

Myers has dubbed his campaign as low-budget.  Reaching out to voters using the internet has become his campaign style.  This election actually marks his eighth time running for election.

"Most of the times I've run its been situations like this where nobody wants to step up and give an opponent to the incumbent," he said, referring to times early on in the race, when people around him were saying they could run, but didn't think they would win.

Myers says he wants voters to question the way the city is being run, with leaders exercising more government control.  He uses the red light cameras as an example.  "They treat someone who makes a right on red the same as someone who blows through an intersection at 120 miles per hour.  That's inequitable."

His campaign does have the standard handouts: buttons and push cards.  But he says voters have a civic duty to find out about him.

"I don't have to remain unknown.  Only takes thirty to forty-five minutes for someone to go to and look at all these videos."

His focus right now, is on undecided voters and those looking for someone with fresh ideas.

"No its not quite to point of King Kip, but the fact is every month they're passing something that infringes on private property and civil liberties," Myers said.

He says the whispers say the current front runners are unbeatable.  He feels even if he does not win, he's brought up more issues than just crime and traffic.

"I'm not afraid to lose.  If I don't win, there's 2016."

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