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BR Mayoral Candidate Profile: Kip Holden


Kip Holden joked in 2004, loosely quoting the old Commodores song: "Once, twice, three times, - a mayor...."

"I love this feeling and I love this Parish! Thank you," Holden said at his victory speech after becoming the first African American Mayor-President of East Baton Rouge Parish.

Kip Holden would united a parish that often voted along racial lines.

Running for a second term, Holden pulled off one of the largest landside victories in recent memory, carrying every precinct , everywhere in the parish.

Now four years later, it won't be that simple.

Kip Holden is proud of his record, but not just stuffy and important things like economic development and infrastructure.

"I enjoy all of it," Holden said. "From a visit to see children who are sick at Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center, to going to St. Jude, to going to school to have lunch with kids. I tell them, if anybody ever ask you how did you get the mayor over here - I want you to stand up proudly and say it's because I have power."

If you ever took a class on how to work a crowd, Kip Holden would not only be the teacher, but they'd probably name the school after him.

Kip Holden gives most of the credit to his mother, who he says taught him how to smile.

And while Holden is proud of the businesses he's attracted to Baton Rouge, and the effort he led to transform downtown into a vibrant and happening area, Holden is proud of the fact that he is an approachable Mayor.

When asked about his sense of humor and who might write some of his material Holden smiled and laughed.

"I think of most of my own jokes! You know? They just come naturally - because a lot of times people say, 'Man I can't believe you're that same Kip that was in high school- where'd you get that sense of humor from all of the sudden? And then things on the spur of the moment will come to me," Holden said.

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