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Are you ready for a major change in the weather? Are You?


The first really strong cold front is heading for East Texas this afternoon. As the front moves through the northern portions of the state of Texas this afternoon, temperatures are dropping a good 10-15 degrees in just a few minutes. The drop in temperatures at the DFW Airport this afternoon: from 80° to 68° in just a few minutes. As this front moves through your area, you will notice it almost immediately as the temperatures drop and the winds shift.

Timing...This front will likely be in the Sulphur Springs, Canton, and Athens area by 5 p.m. this evening. It will be heading east and southeast into the Mt. Pleasant, Tyler, and Palestine areas by 7PM, then through the Jefferson, Longview, and Rusk areas by 9 p.m. tonight...IF NOT SOONER on all of these locations.

High temperatures tomorrow will likely occur at MIDNIGHT tonight, then we will stay in the 50s pretty much all day long. Rain chances will remain fair as the front moves through and even behind the boundary through midday tomorrow. Rain totals will be generally from .20" to .75", if that.

So, are you ready for a major change in the weather?  I hope so. We have been talking about this for the last seven days.

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