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What kind of recovery could Sharmeka Moffitt face?

To understand what kind of recovery Sharmeka Moffitt has in store for her we talked with a burn victim from Marshall Texas.

Charles Chaler, known as Boo to his friends was burned during a pipeline explosion back in the 1998,  and he was burned over 93 percent of his body - most of that was third degree burns.

He wasn't even expected to survive, but since that time has gone through extensive rehabilitation. He says it involves the stretching of his skin and joints.

When asked if it's painful he said "It is."

"A lot of people don't realize your skin is a regular organ just like your heart, your liver, there's a specific purpose for that. Without your skin your fluids won't hold in, so many nerve endings in the skin itself," said Chaler.

Chaler says the good news is, and he's shared this with others that he's counseled through burn rehabilitation, is that it does get better.

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