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Early voting ends Tuesday


If you didn't get a chance to vote today, you have to wait election day next Tuesday. Hundreds of people who braved some pretty long lines on this last day of early voting.

Voters in East Baton Rouge Parish face choices in a congressional race, mayoral race and the nine proposed constitutional amendments.

Lines snaked around and through buildings at early voting locations in ascension and east baton rouge parish on the last day of early voting. Most people toughed it out, but others decided not to.

"I asked about the length of time it would take to vote today, and I was told between an hour and a half and two hours, so I decided to wait until Tuesday," said Jane Burton. 

The Secretary of State's office reports more than 280,000 Louisianians have cast ballots since early voting started last week. That's almost 25 percent more early voters than in the 2008 election.    

"I think it's just more people, the interest and the enthusiasm and just the convenience of early voting is moving people more and more in each election to vote early," said Secretary of State Tom Schedler.

Schedler says while early voters only make up 12 to 13 percent of registered voters in Louisiana,  he says they should help push state's usually robust turnout even higher on November 66th.

"If this is an indication of what the turnout it going to be, I suspect I'll probably have to wait Tuesday," said Burton. "But I'll take that chance."

Schedler says if voters take advantage things like the "Geaux Vote" smart phone app before getting to the booth, election day will run much more smoothly.

"You can pull up your ballot. Familiarize yourself with it so you can spend less time behind that curtain. Because those individuals in this line behind me will really appreciate that if you go in there and punch the buttons and know how you're going to vote," said Schedler.

For people who don't have a smart phone, sample ballots are also available at voting locations for you to read over.

Polls are open from 6 a.m. until 8 p.m. on election day next Tuesday, Nov. 6th.

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