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Oct. 18th: KSLA News 12 Independence Stadium Editorial

This past Saturday saw an excellent use of Independence Stadium in Shreveport.

40,000 football fans poured into the stadium to cheer on their team. The game was shown on national T.V., once again showcasing the ArkLaTex.

We need to give credit to those that brought the Louisiana Tech vs. Texas A&M game to the stadium. Louisiana Tech officials brought up the idea, the city of Shreveport, which operates the stadium, quickly got on board. It's that kind of cooperation that gave a big boost to our economy as all these fans came to town, filled the hotels and restaurants and shopped in our stores.

There are other big games as well….the Annual Port City Classic and Shreveport Classic are two we can rely on.

The more uses we can find for Independence Stadium the better. Sporting events are one thing, but how about outdoor concerts? I'd like to hear your ideas.

I'm James Smith.

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