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A high-tech way to track your child

If you're a parent, you've probably taken your kids to the park, stopped to look down at your phone to update your Facebook status, then looked up and for a split second - your child had disappeared.

"A mother's worst night mare is when she's lost sight of her child," said Mellen Shugart.

Shugart is a pre-school teacher and has two young children of her own to look after.

"It would be nice to have something that we could give to our children or at least know where the vicinity of they are," said Shugart.

Amber Alert GPS has such a device.  The Amber Alert GPS is the smallest GPS tracker of its kind on the market.  The owner of the company came up with the idea for the tracker in 2007 after he lost his child for a short period of time.

"We care about bringing kids home safe and to date we have 100 percent recovery rate on our LEAP page law enforcement alerting portal," said Julia Howard with Amber Alert GPS.

Howard says, outright abductions believe it or not are pretty rare but the device they've created is designed for a broader purpose

"It's more of a case of, where's my kid right now, did he make it home from school OK or maybe Johnny was walking home from school decided to go to a friend's house without telling Mom or Dad," said Howard.

The square about one inch by one inch GPS relays a signal to orbiting satellites.  When a person uses it they can track a child's movements.  The tracking web site and phone applications mark points called bread crumbs in red for places the device has stopped or the GPS recorded a position.

A green marker shows current locations, not always to the exact point with line-of-sight obstructions like tall buildings, but very close.

Howard says the device is in the general vicinity for parents to look for their child or for a parent to yell out to their child for a response.

There's also an SOS button when pushed it sends out a signal to a parent's phone or computer in case of an emergency. 

The application map can also show those in the area who are in the sex offender registry.

There's also a settings where if your child leaves a certain zone like a friend's house it will alert you. It can also alert and tell you and even if the device goes over the posted speed limit.

All great perks – but for Shugart she says the best one is knowing exactly where you child is at all times is always good peace of mind.

"Especially for that age not having a cell phone or not knowing that I'm in a dangerous situation that way the parent can keep track of where the child is," said Shugart.

The GPS is only one thing you should consider to keep tabs on your little one.  Amber Alert GPS recommends getting your child an ID card either from the DMV or make one of his or her information including phone numbers and even the phone number of the hotel you may be staying at on vacation.  Plus schedule a time for your child to get finger printed. Lastly also have an updated picture taken.  

Howard says if you child goes missing, it take an average of two hours for law enforcement to gather all of your child's information.  Amber Alert GPS also recommends parents keep all of your child's information and picture on a jump drive device to help authorities track down your child faster.

To find out more about the Amber alert GPS you can go to http://www.amberalertgps.com 

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