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Ark-La-Tex voters react to debate


During Tuesday night's town hall style Presidential debates, some Ark-La-Tex voters came to the KSLA studios to watch President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney go head to head.

One thing most of the viewers, both Democrat and Republican seemed to agree on was that the President had a more assertive performance then in the first debate.

"At this point it seems like a tie," said Republican Wellman Norris.

"I think President Obama is being deliberative. He's stating a lot of facts, and he has an opportunity to state where he came from and his record from the last four years," said Democrat Ken Epperson.

During the debate, the audience seemed to have the most visible reactions to what was said about Romney's proposed tax plan. Before the debate people on both sides of the aisle said they would like more details about Romney's tax and economic plans, but they had different opinions on if he delivered Tuesday night.

"Romney was very specific to state that listen, the top 5% are going to continue to pay the 60% they already pay, but what we're going to do is draw a contrasting line on the tax base in general and incentivize the tax base by helping to promote small businesses," said Republican Ryan Wooley.

"He is not laying out a plan for the American people, and we don't understand what his direction may be. He said that he would cut and he would cut and he would cut, but he's not telling us exactly what he will cut from," said Democrat Barbara Norton.

The third and final debate will be Monday, October 22.

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