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Big game helps boost local economy


Hotels are packed, bars are crowded, and fans are ready to see their team win. Saturday's football match up between Texas A&M and Louisiana Tech is bringing thousands of visitors to the local area for the game at Independence Stadium.

"We are ready to see the football team win," says Sherri Moore. Moore and her husband are longtime Texas A&M fans who have traveled from out of town to watch the game. They arrived to the stadium more than 30 hours early to set up their tailgate area, but plan on visiting some local casinos.

"She likes to go to the casino, so I believe I will take her out there for an hour or two," says Mark Moore.

The out of town crowds are already packing hotel rooms and local restaurants, and are expected to boost business at some locations by at least ten percent.

"They don't bring their kitchens with them so they're gonna get out and get some great meals at some of our area restaurants," says Vice President of the Sports and Tourism Commission Kelly Wells.

One of the local businesses seeing an increase in traffic this weekend is Bregeon's Boudin and Cajun Meats in Shreveport. The local tailgate hot spot sells specialty meats and other tailgate favorites.

"We're looking for at least a five to ten percent increase because of the game," says owner David Andre.

This is the first time the two teams have battled it out in Shreveport in nearly two decades, and the fans are ready, but so are local businesses.

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