Shreveport City Council overrides mayor's dog park veto

Dog park advocates hold a 'Pup Rally' at Government Plaza in July.
Dog park advocates hold a 'Pup Rally' at Government Plaza in July.

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The Shreveport City Council has voted unanimously to override Mayor Cedric Glover's veto of a resolution authorizing an agreement with the Red River Waterway District to build and maintain a dog park on city-owned land next to the Red River.

"That speaks a lot, and that makes me extremely happy and all the other dog owners have been wanting this," said Shreveport Dog Park Alliance director, Cynthia Keith.

Funding for the park, a $280,000 project, has been approved by the Red River Waterway Commission.

The Council originally voted unanimously September 25 to approve the agreement. Glover vetoed the measure on October 4.

In response to the Council's latest unanimous vote on Tuesday afternoon, Glover tweeted,

          "The seven existing #dogparks across #Louisiana had an average cost of $50K to $70K.
            #Shreveport's is proposed to cost $280K+. #WontHappen"

"Now that the #dogpark issue is over, let's get ready to #FixShreveportsStreetsNow! Council starting to understand we can't just #PayAsYouGo!"

There is no clear timeline yet for when the dog park will become a reality. The Shreveport Dog Park Alliance says they hope Glover won't postpone it while the city takes on other projects.

"I know his bathroom that he would like to see in front of SciPort, the dancing fountains, is his first priority, but I hope that he just does them all and makes this riverfront what it was always supposed to be," said Keith.

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