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City of Shreveport faces 10 percent budget cuts


The City of Shreveport plans to cut nearly 10 percent of its budget for next year. The proposed 2013 budget spends about $50 million less than 2012. City staff will present the budget publicly for the first time at the Shreveport City Council meeting on Tuesday.

City staff says the 2013 budget reminds them a lot of 2010 when the country was hit hard by the recession. One of the biggest reasons for the cuts is that sales tax revenues are down.

Shreveport's Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, Brian Crawford, says some of those cuts came from key departments in the general fund like police and fire. He says those departments won't be able to replace all of the equipment they would like and won't have as much money in their training budgets, but the current budget proposal does not cut any staff or services. The do plan to not fill some currently open positions.

"The average citizen won't feel any difference in the services that we provide. When they call 911 the fire trucks and police officers will still roll," said Crawford.

Other smaller parts of the budget besides the general fund are also making major cuts. The Retained Risk Fund, Riverfront Development Fund, Grants Fund, and Shreveport Redevelopment Agency will all cut more than 20% of their budgets compared to 2012 if the proposed budget passes.

The city council will have until December 11, 2012 to  make changes and approve a final budget.

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