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McDonalds adds calorie count


It's a typical morning at McDonald's on Line and Pierremont Avenue in Shreveport, but there is one change customers have notice

"The calories," said Mandy Johnson.

It's been a few days since the calories were posted on the menu boards at McDonald's, but has there really been a change in everyone's order?

"I just get a Big Mac and whatever and just go," said customer Emily Chatman.

Another customer, Zwolla Frierson, said, "Oh yes, an apple pie, I just like apple pie."

Chatman and Frierson are regulars, but on this day they're taking a closer look at some of their favorite menu items.

"(There are) 800 calories in some of them. Depending on what we put on them, that's bad, " said Chatman.

McDonald's voluntarily made the move nationwide ahead of a new regulation that's in the works under the Affordable Health Care Act. It requires restaurants with 20 or more locations to list calorie content information for standard menu items. It's a move that has consumers thinking of making a change themselves.

"I like looking at it, it makes me think more," said customer Linda Hurd.

For other people, the numbers may not mean as much. We asked Mandy Johnson if she was concerned about calories.

"Yeah, but not today," she said.

No matter what day of the week, at least one dietician says women really only need about 600 calories per meal.

"Most of these McDonald's meals are well over that, so maybe people will decide not to supersize," said Katie Cordaro, a registered dietician with LSU Hospital in Shreveport.

A large soda is just over 300 calories and a large order of fries will help you pack on an extra 500 calories. But according to McDonald's, about 80 percent of their individual food options are actually 400 calories or less. So is there really much value in labeling?

"Only time will tell with this. I think the next part is for people to want to lose weight, want to be healthy," Cordaro said.

Regardless, these might be a signs of the times, as McDonald's moves a step closer to helping its customers make smarter decisions.

Click here to take a look at the Food and Drug Administration calorie labeling requirements.

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