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Obama vs. Romney: The battle of the Halloween masks

This Halloween you may see one of the presidential nominees knocking on your door, but not for your vote, for your candy. The President Obama and Republican Nominee Mitt Romney Halloween masks are selling across the country nationally, but locally they are not making much of a buzz.

"Well we've sold a few. They have not blown off the shelves yet, but the election is a little ways a way," says Spirit Halloween manager Roy Webb.

In the store location in Shreveport neither of the masks are selling fast, but according to the chain's website the President Obama mask is slightly more popular compared to the Mitt Romney mask in their online poll.

"There are good points and bad points to both of them. So this year it's just hard to be a political person," says customer Michael Yeatts. He plans on dressing up as a zombie.

"They just don't pop out," says Halloween Express customer Dylan Pierce.

Store owners seem to think the sale of the masks will pick up closer to the election. No one we spoke with mentioned buying halloween masks of either of the Presidential hopefuls, but other politicians seem to be more of an interest.

"I'd be Hillary Clinton," says Dylan Pierce.

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