Golden Apple Award winner: Stephanie Kennon

Golden Apple Award Winner: Stephanie Kennon

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - The first thing you notice when you meet Stephanie Kennon is that she has a sense of style, and that style covers her 3rd grade classroom at Sun City Elementary School in Bossier City.

"The kids, even before they have her they want her because they want to be in her classroom," said Principal Kim Tuminello.

Zebra stripes cover the cabinets with pops of neon green and hot pink. There will be no falling asleep in Mrs. Kennon's classroom. She has a way of connecting with the kids who describe her as, "cool."

"She's very in tune with what the kids like and how they want to learn," said Tulminello.

When she found out she won the Golden Apple Award, Kennon decided to use the $500 to get the latest technology to use in her classroom.

"I'm wanting to get ipads, ipods in here that maybe we can do different games and things on our apps," said Kennon.

That's just one of the ways she "gets it" when dealing with kids.

"They've kind of grown up in a technology based world where all they do at home is watch TV, play games in their ipads and stuff. I just really feel like that's how they learn. That's what they're used to. You've got to teach to their style," said Kennon.

Kennon won the weekly Golden Apple Award for teaching excellence. The award comes with a $500 prize from the sponsor, The Kirby Kelly Law Firm.

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