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SFD: Church playground fire was arson


Investigators believe a church playground at First Baptist Church of Shreveport was the target of an arsonist Monday night.

Fire only destroyed a small playhouse located on the property on Ockley Dr.

According to the school officials, the damage left the kids who attend the school wondering why someone would purposely damage the playground.

No suspects have been arrested and the investigation is ongoing.

On Tuesday, school officials and the teachers expressed a concern over how the young students would react to seeing this damage.

"There's still so much innocence about these little ones that it's hard for them to comprehend that someone would do it on purpose," said Carol Ann Caraway, a teacher at the First Baptist School.

"They did have some questions, about why someone would do something like this," said James Gillespie, the Head of School at First Baptist.

Teacher Jennifer Cox says she overheard one of her students saying that all her memories burned to the ground when she saw the damage. Cox says the third grader had played in the playhouse since kindergarten.

"They have hurt children, and it's something they'll have to deal with on their own. It's between them and God," said Gillespie.

As of Tuesday (October 2), the investigation was ongoing. 

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