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Residents worry water leak will bring West Nile

A water leak in a Shreveport neighborhood has some elderly residents worried about contracting the West Nile virus.

Mosquitoes are known to breed in standing water, and humans contract the West Nile virus when they're bitten by infected mosquitoes.

"Well, I'm worried about mosquitoes because they say standing water like that causes mosquitoes to breed," said Percy Frazier, a Champ Clark Street resident.

The leak causing all the concern is located in the 400 block of Champ Clark Street.   

And according to the people who live there, the leak has been around since May.

"Well it's an inconvenience because, number 1: It's an eyesore, and number 2: With the West Nile virus being a scare, and it's standing water. It's not healthy," said Johnnie Belk, another concerned resident.

The leak appears to be coming from one yard. A small puddle formed over the city's water meter.

"Spoken with public works, the water department, the mayor's citizen complaint line, and they've been very nice when I call. But that doesn't fix the problem," said Belk.

Shreveport's Department of Operational Services says crews will have to determine the exact location of the leak by digging up the meter. Then the leak will be repaired, either at the cost of the city, or the property owner. Work on the leak is expected to begin sometime this week.

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