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SWEPCO warns of phone scam

Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) is alerting customers in its service area of a telephone scam that they say appears to be targeting Hispanic households, but has the potential to affect all customers.

They say the scam involves a telephone call in which the caller claims to represent SWEPCO or its parent company, American Electric Power (AEP). The customer is told that a certain amount of money must be paid immediately or service will be shut off. The caller usually suggests that the customer purchase a prepaid money card and then provides instructions for using that card to paying the amount supposedly due on the account.

SWEPCO is advising all customers to be aware of the scam and points out that the company does not suggest the purchase of money cards as a way to pay electric bills.

Information on legitimate options for paying bills is available at www.SWEPCO.com or by calling the company's Customer Solutions Center, toll free, at 1-888-216-3523. Customers can call the Customer Solutions Center with any questions or to verify the status of their account.

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