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Cafeteria Report Card: Bossier High Schools


Monday morning means we're taking a look at area school cafeterias to make sure the food your kids are getting served is safe to eat. There really is a lot of good news at Bossier City high schools.

Only one school had a violation. Airline High School was the only Bossier City high school with a violation, and it is a non critical violation. Single serve items were not stored at least 6 inches above the ground. That violation was corrected while the inspector was there. Bossier High School impressed health inspectors, they dished out zero violations.

Parkway High School cooked up a flawless inspection. Parkway let us inside their kitchen to show us how they keep clean. "We feed about 75% of the students" Judy Johnson, Parkway cafeteria manager, says. That is a lot of students for a high school, which means these cafeteria workers have to follow a lot of steps before the food hits the serving line. "When it comes in, we date it and we know the temperature of the truck when it was delivered. We first in first out, the latest date we bring out first" Johnson says.

"We have different cutting boards that we prepare foods for, red is for meat, and green and yellow is for vegetables, so any time they're doing something different they change cutting boards"  Johnson says. Health inspectors check up on schools to make sure it makes the grade.  "You can get salmonella, a lot of things from cross contamination, so you have to be really careful when you handle it so it's very important that they keep their hand clean" Johnson says.

Airline High School

Bossier High School

Parkway High School

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