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Haughton High Band dedicates halftime show to Matthew Kirkhart


As the Haughton High Band warms up for practice, every student knows that what they are preparing for has a lot riding on it.

Earlier this month, Matthew Kirkhart was riding with his family when their vehicle crossed the center line and crash into another car. The accident sent his mother and brothers to the hospital. Mathew did not make it.

In his short time during his first year of high school Matthew was in the band, and he made plenty of friends. Now, to keep his memory alive, the Haughton High band is dedicating every halftime show to him.

"We've got to make it perfect since it's for him," said Ethan Sullivan with the Haughton High Band.

"Working through it can be kind of tough, especially when people are really close to him. You feel like you have to be there for them," said Adriana Marshall with the Haughton High Band.

Friday night's show was a success after the band unveiled their show to a crowded audience in the stands. After the performance Matthew's mother, Angie Morgan, spoke to KSLA News 12 about what the hard work and dedication by the band meant to her. "Amazing, awesome, sad; all the emotions wrapped up in one. It was sad to see his drum alone, and played by someone else. But, it was amazing that those children stood out there and did what they did to honor my son."

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