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Neighbors say it’s an itch they can't scratch

Residents in a Queensborough neighborhood say that a vacant home on their street has become a safe haven for mosquitoes, and after many calls for help they turned to KSLA News 12 to investigate their concerns.

"I've got a little garden, I look at the children, I like to read," says Naomi Copeland, 79, about her daily activities on the front porch of her home in the 3800 block of Catherine Street in Shreveport where she likes to spend her summer days. This summer, however, she says she has been unable to spend much time outside.

"In the twelve years that you have lived here have the mosquitoes ever been this bad?" I asked. "No, no, no," says Copeland.

Copeland along with her neighbor, Mckinley Williams, say a home on their street is the source of many of the street's mosquitoes.

"I just got fed up, with getting ate up," says Williams. Williams says a dilapidated pool behind a neighboring house is filled with standing water. "I have called, and called, and called, neighbors have called about these mosquitoes back here."

Both neighbors say they have made calls to the Caddo Parish Mosquito Control and the Shreveport Property Standards office. KSLA News 12 also made some phone calls.

First we called the Caddo Parish Mosquito Control who verified that they have sprayed the area within the last month, and we also called the Shreveport Property Standards office who said that they would send an inspector out to look at the property. But according to the Caddo Parish Assessor's Office records the home is owned by Legacy Giving, LLC, and the address is listed in the Assessor's records to John Walker.

When we called Walker he did confirm that the house was owned by his company, and that he would send a crew over as soon as possible to fix the problem.

"I'm very, very, very happy that they are taking care of business," says Williams. He woke up to a surprise Friday morning as a work crew cleaned up the vacant home's back yard.

If you live in Caddo Parish and need to report a mosquito problem in your area you can call the Caddo Parish Mosquito and Animal Control at (318) 226-6627.

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