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Arkansas girl's severed finger at heart of parent-school dispute

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Sereniti Collins learns to write with her left hand. Sereniti Collins learns to write with her left hand.

A school door closes on a little girl's finger in Saratoga, Arkansas. It appears to have been an accident with painful consequences.

Sereniti Collins is being taught by her parents at home. The four-year-old had the tip of a finger on her right hand cut off while at school.

"I'm trying to help her spell her name and use her left hand, but it's not going too good," says Alesha Collins, Sereniti's mother.

"You get that call to say that something is wrong and nobody is there to tell you what happened," Collins says.

Sereniti's mother says her daughter got off the bus at Saratoga Elementary School and was going to the cafeteria when ...

"I was at the back door and the door slam on my finger," Sereniti says.

Sereniti's family says there were no school employees watching. The young girl did not cry until later, when cafeteria workers noticed her hand bleeding.

"That don't make any sense to me, and then they bring me the finger on ice. And just to see her whole tip of her finger cut off ...," Collins says.

The Collinses say they are upset with the way the school district is handling the accident.

"We were not getting the response that I thought we should have gotten from the school. Even when they told us all they could give us is secondary insurance when our baby was hurt there at their school," says Sereniti's father, Shawn Collins.

School Superintendant Jeanie Gorham was unavailable for an interview but says via email that "the school offered the follow-up insurance that is standard procedure for all students, and, in this case we offered a vehicle to be driven by a staff member. Mr. Shawn Collins refused this service. Therefore, I offered to pay mileage to and from Little Rock."

It was in Little Rock where doctors re-attached Sereniti's finger. The family will have to wait until next month to see whether the surgery was a success.

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