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Titanic exhibition docks in Shreveport


100 years ago the Titanic sunk, but now the exhibition is docking at Sci-Port. KSLA News 12 got a sneak peek at a brand new exhibit. They have artifacts ranging from first and third class bedrooms to a post card from New Orleans. There are actors who will walk throughout the exhibit, in character, to give it a little more life.

Sci-port gives you a boarding pass when you walk aboard, complete with a name and reason for traveling. It is a real name of a passenger who lived or died on the ship, and at the end of the exhibit, you can read what the fate of your person was. "The experience is different for me every time I go through because I am looking at it through somebody else's eyes and just looking at some of these things and seeing the hair brushes and knowing somebody really brushed their hair with it. It is so personal and every time I go through it I find another story that I like" President fans CEO of Sci-Port, Ann Fumarolo, says.

Along with the artifacts and actors, they also have this iceberg wall. It is real ice. You can reach out and touch it and feel just how cold the water was that night in 1912. Most passengers who died did not drown, they died of hypothermia.

Tickets cost $23 for adults, $19 for military and seniors, $18 for children, $17 for adult groups, and the member rate is only $8. They open the doors to the exhibit Saturday, September 29th through January 20th.

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