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Daddy blogger stirs controversy for admitting to favorite child

© Buzz Bishop and his two sons © Buzz Bishop and his two sons

A Canadian blogger has stirred up an international controversy by saying he prefers one son over another. And he claims the vast majority of parents are the same way, but just never will admit it.

Other bloggers and journalists have proclaimed you should never admit to favoring one child over another even after a few drinks at Thanksgiving and the kids are grown.

"Yes, I have a favorite son and I'm not ashamed to admit it," the father wrote.

Buzz Bishop, a Canadian radio host who writes as "Dadcamp" on the website Babble, wrote on Sept. 18 a blog post about how he and his wife met, fell in love and had a baby very quickly.

The blog was mostly about his relationship with his wife and his love for her. But near the end of the post, he wrote the following words and stirred up a firestorm:

If I were to be absolutely honest, my older son is my favorite of the two. He and I are adventurous partners in crime, and I can't imagine life without him. He was an accident waiting to happen, and I'm so glad it did," Bishop wrote.

Click here to read the original blog post in which he talks about his 5-year-old son being his favorite.

Depending on your perspective, Bishop then wrote a follow up post to justify his rationale or dig himself into a bigger hole. Click here to read that post, which is titled "Admit It. You Have a Favorite Kid. I Do."

"Yes, I have a favorite son and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I'm guessing you could look deep in the mirror and admit you have a favorite too. My choosing Zacharie as my favorite is not about ‘playing favorites,' or ‘preferential treatment' when I'm parenting. I don't let Zacharie get away with anything because he's my first pick, I just .. y'know .. like him better," Bishop wrote.

Bishop told "Good Morning America," "For me to take that language and call him my favorite, he's just the one I relate to easier. If that means he's my favorite and that's the language, I don't think that's too evil."

Some parents were horrified that Bishop's sons will someday read his words and be haunted by them.

"Perhaps I'm too naive to think that my words will not be one day read by my children, but if they do read them, I trust I will have a strong relationship with my kids that they will understand the context with which I write," he told one media outlet.

But he is since having second thoughts and is trying to focus on spending more time with his 2-year-old son, Charlie, over the favored older son.

"It does make you think, and see how what you are saying could be interpreted," he told a Huffington Post writer. "I also see how putting this out there publicly could cause problems down the road if the boys read it."

He later wrote, "I can say this discussion has caused me to reflect on my life and take steps to balance the scales."

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