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Breaking down voter registration for Caddo Parish


As the last day to register to vote is draws near, did you know only 70 percent of U.S. Citizens eligible to vote, are actually registered to vote? Today is National Voter Registration Day. In 2008, the number of people registered to vote in Caddo broke records, but this year we are breaking it again. The last day to vote is in exactly 2 weeks, on October 9th.

"We're already well above where we were 4 years ago which is kind of unusual. We're already 2,000 voters above there and of course the parish population reports don't say that we're growing, so obviously its internal, people registering to vote. We've been busy for a couple of months with people coming in and bringing us voter registration forms" Ernie Roberson, with the Registrar of Voters in Caddo Parish, says. You can go there, at 525 Marshall Street to register with a driver's license, Louisiana special ID, passport, or just a utility bill that shows your place of residence.

You can also register online at If you register online you can only use a driver's license or Louisiana special ID.    

The total number of registered voters in Caddo Parish is more than 166,000. The number of registered democrats in that total is the highest in the group, at more than 83,000. Republicans are registered at more than 45,000. The group labeled as Other Parties is more than 37,000.

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