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Wiley College beefs up security after attacks on students


Security at Wiley College is on high alert after multiple attacks on students happened over the weekend. Wiley is a historically black college. Campus leaders say they think whoever attacked or threatened students did target them because they are Wiley students, but they do not think it is race related.

Hundreds of students from Wiley College went to an assembly to ask questions about an on campus attack and threats.

School leaders say a group of Wiley students got into a fight with a group of non-students at an off-campus party over the weekend. School administrators think one or more of the people involved in that fight went to the college campus the next day and attacked another student who was not involved in the off campus fight.

"He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time from someone who was looking to injure any student who was from Wiley," said Dr. Joseph Morale, Vice President of Student Affairs.

The school thinks the attacker used a crow bar. 

"That student's injuries, as you might expect, are relatively serious.   Nothing life threatening," said Morale.

Later Sunday evening, students started reporting threats they believe were made by the same group of people.

"It's nerve racking for some of our freshman, and some of them may be scared... Although you're scared, although you might be nervous, this campus is gonna embrace you. You can run to us.   If you're scared come to my dorm," said Wiley Senior, Ailey Pope.

At the student assembly Pope gave advice on how to stay safe, "Walk in a group of people.   Don't go by yourself. This is for all college students. Don't go anywhere by yourself. Also, let them know to watch your surroundings. Look at where you are."

Pope also suggests using your cell phone to call or take a picture or video if you see anything suspicious and wearing your college ID.

The campus staff is also working to protect students. 

"We're going to beef up our existing security.   We're gonna put a moratorium against off campus parties. We're going to address the ability of people to just walk through without being stopped," said Morale.

Once whoever is responsible for the attack is caught, the school plans to press charges. Wiley is working with the Marshall Police Department on this case.  KSLA News 12 left messages with MPD to ask about the status or their investigation, but they have not returned our calls.

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