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Health code violations found in several Bossier City school cafeterias


You may be getting your child ready to head out to school this morning. While you were sleeping, we checked up on several area school cafeterias. It's Monday and that means it's time for our weekly cafeteria report card. This week we're focusing on Bossier City elementary schools.

Health inspectors grilled 13 elementary schools in Bossier City and found 8 with perfect scores but 5 of them just didn't cut it. Central Park Elementary School had 2 violations. Hot water was not provided to all faucets, and the plumbing was not maintained. Both of these violations were corrected.

Inspectors turned up the heat on Stockwell Place Elementary School, they had 3 violations. Chemicals were not labeled, food was stored in exposed areas, and single serve articles were not stored properly. Inspectors turned up the heat on W.T. Lewis Elementary School, they had 4 violations. They did not have a backflow prevention devise installed on a faucet. The bathroom door did not work properly. Garbage cans outside were not kept closed. The walls and ceiling were not in good shape.

Now for some good news. Kerr Elementary School fired up a flawless inspection.  "Making sure that everything is sanitized and making sure that we're washing our hands after each task, between one task to the next, making sure the food is safe even when it comes through the door when we get our vendors in. We make sure it's not contaminated, there is no evidence of rodents" cafeteria manager, Cindy Turner says.

Once the food hits the serving line, the Kerr cafeteria crew has to make sure it stays at the safe hot temperature of 175 degrees and the safe cold temperature of 42 degrees. "This is our freezer. These are the ice packs that we use to keep our veggies and our fruits and stuff cool for the kids when they come through the line" Turner says showing small packets of ice.

"When they use the ovens they wipe them down at the end of the day or anytime they have a spill. At least once a week or twice a week they completely break down the ovens and clean them" Turner says. After the cooking is complete, they have to make sure the dishes are cleaned with strong enough sanitizer to kill the germs, but mild enough to not harm the kids or the workers who are handling it. "This is the strip that we use to stick in the water to make sure our chemicals are cleaning our dishes and sanitizing them" Turner says.

There were a handful of other cafeterias with perfect scores and a few more who didn't make the cut. If you want to check those reports, just click on the link below.


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