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Texarkana cemetery vandalized a third time


For the second time this week, and the third time in as many months, ground crews at Stateline Cemetery have made the disheartening discovery of vandalism.

On Thursday caretaker, Walton Gamble found headstone after headstone pushed over. Some of the more elaborate pieces shattered from the fall.

"That stone has been there quite a while and back in the 1800's, and a large number go back to the 1800'," said Gamble.

The Stateline Cemetery Association wants more people to come here to the historic site, hoping that a stepped up public presence will mean fewer instances of vandalism.

"If they realize we have people coming through and just observing what's going on here even just to come through and look at the history of Texarkana, that would be a positive thing and hopefully a deterrent to those who are doing this damage," said Gamble.

Combine that effort with a stepped up presence by police, and a reward offered by Crime stoppers and the cemetery, and those who are doing damage over and over again, could finally be caught.

Gamble says they'll continue to solicit the support from the community and law enforcement to put a stop to it.

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