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Sept. 12th: KSLA News 12 Election Scams Editorial

The other night at my house the phone rang. It was an automated message telling me I would win a cruise if I agreed to participate in a presidential poll.

I hung up. It's a good thing I did…turns out…it was most likely a scam. According to the Better Business bureau, that phone call might have eventually asked me for my credit card.

During elections…there are a lot of scams out there. Fake polling calls, like the one I received, is one of them. Some scammers may call to check your voter eligibility right before election day and ask for your social security number.

It may be difficult to determine which pollsters are legitimate…and which ones are out to cheat you. The best advice….never give out personal information…credit card numbers or your social security number to someone who called you that you don't know.

I'm James Smith.

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